Urban Infill: A Cap City priority

At Cap City, we are committed to sustainability, and our urban infill practices are the principal way in which we maintain our green standards. Urban infill is not a term tossed around too often; what exactly is it?


Urban infill is an inherently green process in that it is essentially land-recycling. Generally infill occurs on vacant or underutilized property that exists between or in close proximity to existing buildings. Oftentimes, it is more costly to build in the heart of the city than develop on new land on the city’s periphery. However, infill is extremely important for the regrowth and prosperity of communities plagued by barren lots.


Our infill projects consistently maintain the fabric of the community, while contributing to urban revitalization of depressed neighborhoods. One of the challenges of infill development is garnering the support of the existing neighborhood. Construction can be considered a nuisance, but at Cap City we work diligently to add value to the surrounding community while developing in a manner that preserves the neighborhood’s character. Because of our commitment to ensuring that our properties benefit the surrounding area and its residents, our condominium complexes are received with open arms –one of the many reasons why urban infill is a rewarding business practice.


DC is a city with a notably rich history. Capital City is successful at honoring that history while boosting the appeal of metro area neighborhoods by developing modern luxury condos.