Neighborhood Profile: Columbia Heights

Apex, one of Cap City’s newest buildings, is finding its home at 3035 15th Street, NW. Columbia Heights is a bustling and trendy area, but Apex’s location on the quieter side makes it an urban retreat. What’s to know about Columbia Heights?

Columbia Heights used to be more of an edgy neighborhood. Today, it’s maintained its character while simultaneously becoming mainstream and welcoming. Family owned and independent businesses add to the neighborhood’s diversity and eclectic vibe. The influx of mainstream retailers, however, has brought convenience. Most notably, DC USA, a mega-shopping complex made its home in Columbia Heights in 2008. However, Target, Best Buy, and Washington Sports Club do not necessarily detract from the unique, urban vibe of the neighborhood. Columbia Heights remains one of the most ethnically and economically diverse areas in the district.

Our last blog covered Meridian Hill Park. One of the city’s greatest parks is right around the corner from the up and coming Apex. Some of the neighborhood’s most popular restaurants include Maple, Room 11, and The Heights DC. The Wonderland Ballroom provides, arguably, the neighborhood’s best bar experience. The hipster character of the neighborhood positions it as the home of vegan and vegetarian options as well. Independent coffee shops and dive bars abound.

In terms of transportation, the Columbia Heights metro station provides easy metro access. Metrobus and circulator stops exist en masse and cover whatever areas the metro does not.

This blog is a really great resource from a local who covers Columbia Heights happenings

The bottom line is that we are so excited to have the opportunity to build Apex in Columbia Heights. With its booming nightlife, quiet parks, and mix between big and small retailers, Columbia Heights is a great place to live, if not at least to visit.