Furniture Buying Tips

Moving? Whether your current furniture doesn’t fit your new space, this is your very first pad, or you just want to redecorate, moving often calls for new furniture. New furniture might not be in your budget, however, after purchasing your new digs.

Attic: Attic is a website that brings together furniture and home décor from over 30 different local antique stores throughout the DMV. While you cannot purchase items directly from Attic, it saves you the hunting hassle, as you already know if stores have what you’re looking for.

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Craigslist: Craigslist can be hit or miss, but oftentimes people are looking to sell their furniture quickly and inexpensively. Go pick up your items with a friend, and don’t exchange money before you have seen the items in person.

Despite wanting inexpensive pieces, don’t sacrifice quality. For instance, in wood furniture, look at the joints of the furniture. If it has a dovetail holding the parts together, your furniture is much higher quality than if it is glued.

Check out this blog for excellent tips on how to furniture shop smart: