A Peek into The Apex’s Monumental Features

The irregular site geometry, untraditional urban street wall, and unique architectural personality establish The Apex’s building presence at 3035 15th Street, NW. At first, the triangular lot fronting challenged designers to find a way to allow both vehicle and pedestrian access for the building’s residents and visitors. This is what led to The Apex’s most innovative feature: a masonry wall to organize and orient the building’s public entry and internal courtyard. This allows for steel balconies to be hung from it with views to a park north of the site, Meridian Hill Park to the south, as well as selective views to the Federal City and National Mall.

From the onset of The Apex’s construction, two opposing neighborhood grids converged on the triangular site to form a unique design opportunity. In order to resolve these existing grid patterns, two residential wings were developed, each corresponding to one of them. This allows for a private outdoor space for Apex residents to be carved out at the overlap of the two grids. In order to unify the building’s entirety, a wing wall is incorporated that draws people into the front of the building, leads them through its heart, and finally guides them into the private courtyard. The strength of this wall design stems from its serving as a prominent, intriguing visual marker on 15th Street.

The Apex’s innovative architecture complements its open spaces to maximize access to green space for residents. The building design and positioning of the green spaces serves the DC community in two ways. First, it provides beautiful amenity space for an accessible and quiet retreat from urban life. In addition, it unifies environmentally sustainable elements consistent with the green goals of Washington, DC.
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