Capital City Real Estate is a leading developer of urban infill properties in the Washington DC metro area. Since 2006, we have successfully developed over 60 projects, largely condos, totaling over $150 million. Our passion is to develop high quality, distinctly designed properties in dynamic neighborhoods throughout DC. We believe DC offers unique urban opportunities to create community and provide truly exceptional live-work-play spaces. We strive to maximize the potential of each project through design, function and sustainability.

Our purpose is to live out our passion in a way that honors the trust that has been placed in us. As we do so, we strive to enhance the lives of those who work with us, those who work for us and the clients and communities we serve.

Our in-house team of real estate professionals have a wide range of expertise in project analysis, urban development, condo conversion, construction, finance and sales & marketing. We have extensive experience working with DC Zoning, Historic Preservation Office and Office of Planning to maximize the development potential and use while preserving the historic integrity of the site and neighborhood. We work closely with the community on all of our projects to ensure they fit well within the neighborhood and contribute in a positive way.